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Performance Coaching: A company is only as healthy as its people

Executive Coaching & Performance Coach

Performance CoachingImproving the strength of leadership  

Truly successful companies view investing in their people as an investment in their company’s future. We help your employees achieve the highest levels of performance, helping to ensure the best possible return on your investment.  

The greatest indicator of a company’s health is not its balance sheet but its people. In many organizations, the vital signs aren’t good: lack of communication, underperforming leadership, and toxic corporate cultures have left employees deeply dissatisfied, leading to poor performance and high turnover. Traditional coaching problems fail to link improvements in personal well-being with improved corporate performance.  

SawyerOne Performance delivers a comprehensive, holistic solution to firms seeking to accelerate the performance of their top executives. Bringing together the most advanced fitness, nutrition, and executive coaching techniques, we focus equally on personal and professional development, helping your firm’s leaders reach their greatest potential at work and in all areas of life.  

A company is only as healthy as its people  

Putting into practice the techniques we teach, our clients achieve optimal performance in every area of their lives. The impact can be extraordinary—for both the individuals and their companies.  

Our program is designed specifically to provide customized, one-on-one coaching based on your company’s needs to:  

  • Enable improved decision-making;  

  • Deliver tools to resolve the most challenging business situations effectively, and  

  • Maximize personal and professional growth.  

We take a holistic approach to the individual, providing a customized plan for each participant, which:   

  • Incorporates health and wellness as needed;   

  • Focuses on individual and company results; and  

  • Provides monthly feedback to the organization for results.  


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