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Fractional CFO – Performance Coaching - Exit Planning
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Exit Planning: Increase the value of your company

Exit Planning & Value Builder System

imageCompanies, like people, evolve and change over their lifetime.  As your company moves through its life stages, it’s valuable to have a deeper understanding of your firm’s financial and operational health. 

Leveraging the ValueBuilderTM system, a program that helps you improve the value of your company,  we help you create a strategy to manage change, challenges, and growth.  ValueBuilder puts your firm in a position to sell at a premium in the short-term or long-term. Our process includes:  

  • Analysis of your company’s performance on eight different attributes key to business valuation as a potential acquisition target;  

  • Development of strategies to improve each metric; and  

  • Tactical implementation of steps leading to improvement within a set timeframe.  

Working with ValueBuilder, you will learn how a potential buyer would view your firm, allowing you to focus on areas that might negatively impact receiving the highest price for your company.   

We use a three-step process. First, we work through a brief survey to provide a report on the current state of your business (creating the ValueBuilder Score).  

Second, we work through an assessment strategy session with you to help improve your current business.  

Third, we use the ValueBuilder Engagement model, which coaches you towards profitable transition through monthly meetings on 12 key areas designed to improve corporate value.  

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